Canvas Menus

Canvas menus have the following properties:

  • Color scheme is set at the institutional level and cannot be changed by the instructor
  • Tools not used are greyed out for instructor and hidden from student view
  • The order can be changed (but why would you bother)
  • Menu choices can be hidden even if implemented
Instructor View Student View
In this example notice that the instructor can see menu items such as Assignments, Pages, Outcomes, Quizzes, and Modules that are NOT implemented in this example course (SP_Discussions). Notice in the student view that any tools not implemented are hidden from the student.

Even tools that are in use by default can be manually hidden from students.To manually hide selected menu items, the instructor should go to the Settings menu and click on the Navigation tab. This next image shows a course (Math for Elem Classrooms) with no menu items hidden. You can tell there are no hidden items because there are no items listed underneath the hiding line (bottom of image just above Save button).

Here is an example course (Canvas) in which many items have been hidden:

Instructor View Student View
Click to Enlarge
In this example the instructor has hidden several items from student view by dragging those items below the line into the hidden area. The student view shows a course with just four menu choices.

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