Canvas Course for Document Delivery via Modules

Suppose you are teaching a face-to-face class and you would like to use Canvas for the sole purpose of delivering documents to your students. Here’s one way. See Canvas Course for Document Delivery via Files for an alternate approach.

Step One: You may want to hide all the menu items except for Modules (see Canvas Menus for step-by-step directions). Then enter the Modules area and click on the button to Add a New Module.

Step Two: Enter a name for your module. Notice that you can set some options now (or later).

Step Three: Here is a module titled “Word Documents.” To add items to the module, click on “Add item to module.”

Step Four: Notice that the course designer can add assignments, quizzes, files, content pages, discussion topics, text headers, and external web links (url’s). In this example, we are creating a course targeted toward supporting a face-to-face class and it will merely be a place to distribute documents.

Step Five: Choose the file(s) you would like to add to the module. This example shows adding a “Syllabus.docx” file. You can also add multiple files at a time.

Instructor View: Here is the teacher view of a sample course with two modules.

Student View: Here is the student view of a sample course with two modules.

View of File: There are several benefits from using the modules approach. Here the user has clicked on the “Syllabus.docx” file in a module. Instead of downloading, the user gets to see the document directly in the browser. There is a link to download, print, and view full screen. Navigation links at the bottom of the page allow the user to go to the next item in the module or go to the module table of content.

Another advantage to using modules is that the modules may be created prior to the semester but set to release at dates during the semester. Other release criteria are available as well.

Disclaimer: This course design is not advocated, merely presented for informational purposes. Even in a face-to-face course, it might be a good idea to also allow students to have access to other tools that facilitate communication and collaboration between student and instructor and among students.  If grades are recorded in Canvas, access to the grades area would also be beneficial to students.

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