Blackboard to Canvas Migrations – Modules Area

So what does a Blackboard course look like after it has been auto-migrated from Blackboard? Is it usable as is? Can it be re-worked with small effort and then used as a basis for a future Canvas course?

CAUTION: You are strongly advised to re-develop your
course materials in Canvas starting with a blank course shell rather than attempting to re-work a migrated course. This is especially true if you made non-trivial use of Blackboard with the migrated course.

If your previous Blackboard course made only token use of the Blackboard tool set for a limited purpose, say to distribute files for example, then it might make sense to re-work a past semester Blackboard course and copy that into a blank Canvas course shell to use in a later semester.

This page shows you what to expect in the Canvas “Modules” area.

The example course shown here migrated exceptionally well.  However, notice that the modules are out of order. Modules can be re-ordered easily by simply dragging from one pace and dropping in another. The only tip here is that to grab a module, one must hover over that line and grab the move icon that appears to the left of the line.

Note: In the case that a line in one module really belongs in another, that line can be dragged from one module and dropped into another in a similar manner. Also notice the pencil icon. Click that to edit the module name or the item name inside a module.

In this example you will notice that the due dates are all from fall 2010. Each activity will need to have the dates changed. Click directly on the item itself to edit the edit (rather than just the name of the item).

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