Making your Canvas Course Available to Students

In Blackboard, instructors had the ability to make their course available to students by going to the Control Panel >> Settings >> Course Availability and selecting the Make Course Available = Yes radio button.

NOTE: In Blackboard, this selection could be made at any time throughout the semester, so that a instructor could take the course off-line temporarily to make some changes while students were not in the course.

Instructors can make a course available in Canvas by clicking the Publish button. The Publish button appears when the instructor goes to the Course Setup Checklist and clicks the link to Publish Course.

NOTE: This is a one-time setting. Once published the course cannot be un-published. This is a major difference between Canvas and Blackboard.

If your Course Setup Checklist is not visible, you can bring it back by going to the course Home and clicking on the Course Setup Checklist button.

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