What’s so Cool about Canvas?

Students and faculty alike will love the new course management system. Of course, there will be some minor speed bumps getting accustomed to a new system but there are so many great features in Canvas!

For full training schedule and tutorials visit: http://canvas.umwblogs.org

Canvas has a notification system so you can have important messages sent directly to your cell phone!

Canvas notifications can be sent to your Facebook inbox. (Donb’t worry, the notifications do NOT go on your Facebook Wall and are not seen by others… just in your inbox.)

Canvas has a system for tracking college, departmental, or course learning outcomes.

Canvas has a Speedgrader system by which the instructor can view a student submission, makes comments, and enter a grade all on one page. Then, with just one click, the next student submission appears ready to grade! This is an unbelievable time saver! Just wait until you see this!

Canvas has an integrated wiki system that makes it easy for students and faculty to create web pages.

Canvas has an integrated web conferencing system available to students and faculty for large or small group meetings.

Canvas provides integration with Google Docs, Skype, Linked In, Twitter, Diigo, and Facebook.

Students and faculty can include audio and video (direct from webcam) in a discussion posting (and many other places).

Faculty and students have access to a personal file storage space as well as a separate file storage space for each course and even a separate file storage space for each small group.


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