Exporting your Canvas course

Instructors may want to keep a copy of their course on their local computer (I know I always do this!). For example, you may change institutions and want to use some of your course materials at your new university. Keeping an course export allows you do take your course with you.

To export a course in Canvas go to the Settings area and look for a button labeled “Export this Course”:

And click again on the next screen…

Next, you will see a progress bar

After a while the process will complete. You do NOT have to stay on the page for the process to work. You can leave the page and come back later. Click the link to download the export package file and save to your local storage device (hard rive, flash drive, whatever)

The downloaded file will have a file extention of *.imscc. This stands for the industry standard IMS Common Cartridge format. It is a type of zip file. You can change the extension from imscc to zip and treat it as any other zip file.

The package is comprised of many, many files depending on how extensive your Canvas course is. The export package is primarily useful is transporting the course to another system, but you can unzip it and look at the contents if you really want to.

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