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Help! Something is Missing!

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

The UMW IT department and Instructure tech support have migrated all the fall 2010, spring 2011, and summer 2011 (after summer is complete) Blackboard courses onto the new Canvas system for you! Yeah!

But what happens if you log into your old course (now in Canvas) and find something is missing!

Two alternatives:

  1. If you do this before July 28, 2011, Blackboard will still be available to you and you can log into Blackboard and download the missing item.
  2. If you do this after July 28, then Blackboard will not be available.  In that case, here is what you do:

After July 28, to find a missing image or Word document or PowerPoint that somehow did not get transferred into Canvas during the course migration process, ask UMW IT to give you a copy of your old Blackboard course in Blackboard “export” format.

I am missing this image:

Ask UMW IT for your course in “Export” format:

The export will be a zip file. Unzip it!

Look inside the unzipped folder:

You may need to look into several folders, but your image will be here somewhere:

Once you find the missing image, you can upload it into Canvas and place it where it belongs.

Exporting the Gradebook to Excel

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

If you would like to download your grades from inside Canvas and use them in Excel, do the following:

  1. Go to the “Grades” area of your course.
  2. Click on “Options” pull down menu at the upper left.
  3. Choose “Download Scores (.csv)”
  4. The resulting file should open fine in Excel

Exporting grades in Canvas

Adding an Image

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Suppose you (the student) want to add an image to a discussion post, or wiki “page” in Canvas. In the wysiwyg editor you will notice an icon for adding an image.

This will open a pop-up dialog asking for a URL:

But your image is on your laptop or desktop computer. There does not seem to be a way to just upload the image from your computer to Canvas. You you are correct – students cannot upload images directly and embed them into discussion posts and wiki pages. So you will need to put your image file somewhere on the Internet.

There are many, many places to do this. One place that I think works really well for this is DropBox ( Accounts are free there (for a limited amount of disk space) and you can store files there that are private or public. Let me show you how to store a public file to use with Canvas.

Here is the basic DropBox area:

You will notice a folder labeled Public – that’s where you upload files you want to make public. Any other folders are private. Once you click on the icon for the Public folder, you will see:

Click the Upload icon to upload a file.

Click the Choose files button to locate your file on your laptop or desktop computer.

In this example you can see that I have identified a file to upload that is a jpg image file with filename view-from-old-post-office.jpg. Of course, we need to click the Start upload button.

Now you can see that the file has been uploaded and exists in my public folder at Dropbox. Now we need to discover the link to that file so we can paste it in Canvas.

So what I did was to check the box for the file I needed the link. Then I pulled down the More link to reveal several choices, one of which is “Copy public link”. That is the link you neeed to paste into Canvas.

And here is the link. Notice that even though the file is public, it is not likely that someone will find the image because the URL is complex.

So if you think back to the second image on this page, that is where you would paste this link and then the image would be seen embedded inside your discussion post or on the wiki page.